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Virginia Cova

Epic Wireless Keyboard

Epic Wireless Keyboard

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FEATURES Multi-device Wireless Keyboard 锟?/strong> Connect via Bluetooth or USB wireless dongle
锟?/strong> Easy switch between three saved devices (laptop, phone, tablet and more)
锟?/strong> Illuminated full-depth keys with number pad
锟?/strong> Accessible shortcut keys and media knob improve productivity
锟?/strong> Rechargeable battery lasts 6 months*
锟?/strong> Custom desktop app: Saved profiles, programmable shortcut keys
锟?/strong> Switch between operating systems: Windows, iOS/Mac, Android and Chrome OS


锟?/strong> Keyboard
锟?/strong> 2.4GHz dongle
锟?/strong>Charging cord
锟?/strong> Quick Start Guide (with partner offers from Tidal Music)
Download User Manual


锟?Weight: 783g including batteries
锟?Warranty: 2 year warranty
锟?Dimmensions: 16.75 x 5.5 x 1.25 in
锟?Battery: 2000 mAh rechargeable battery (included)
锟?Battery life: 2+ years (varies by usage) KEYS
锟?108 silent keys (includes number pad) natural touch (squirkle); stable typing design
锟?a href=”” title=”HotKeys Blog”> Shortcut keys: (e.g. Internet, e-mail, Media Keys, Volume); Device Switch keys; Operating system quick keys
锟?Switch Type:
锟?Key stroke distance: 1.8mm
锟?Drawing force: 锟?.8kgf
锟?Spring back: 50卤20gf SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
锟?Connection 1: Bluetooth 5.2
锟?Connection 2: Bluetooth 5.2
锟?Connection 3: : USB wireless dongle (2.4 GHz)
锟?Wireless range: 30+ ft (10 m) COMPATIBILITY Recommended operating systems must have: 鈥indows庐 10 or later
鈥acOS 10.15 or later
鈥PadOS 13.1 or later
鈥OS 11 or later
鈥hrome OS
鈥ndroid锟?7 or later
鈥orks with Surface
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