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Virginia Cova

Nilfisk 128471255 Core 140 Bar High Pressure Washer with In Hand Power Control

Nilfisk 128471255 Core 140 Bar High Pressure Washer with In Hand Power Control

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About this item

  • Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer: This Nilfisk high pressure washer easily handles your deep-cleaning tasks. 140 bar max pressure washer handles grime and dirty surfaces up to 40 m2 per hour. Rated power is 1800 W.
  • Power Control Dial: Change pressure levels for precise cleaning needs. This high-power electric pressure washer features auto start/stop functionality. trolley wheels. and durable handle for high mobility. Cleans efficiently and stores easily.
  • On-Board Storage: 8m flexible hose with internal reel storage system. No twisting. wrapping. or mess. Also includes storage for high-pressure lance. trigger gun. foam sprayer. mains cable. and accessories.
  • Ideal for Many Home Cleaning Purposes: Use on auto and car. patio. grills. outdoor furniture and a variety of surfaces such as wood decking. tile. stone. metal. driveway. and more
  • Nozzle User Guide: Easy to read. permanent user guide ensures you combine the right power and nozzle for your cleaning tasks. No confusion here. the guidance is on the machine’s body.

Technical Details

From the manufacturer

Nilfisk clever cleaning solution meets intuitive design

Clean Design. Powerful Core & Ultimate Control

The Nilfisk Core 140-8 bar High Pressure Washer with In-Hand Power Control offers top-of-the-line construction to combine power and versatility. Enjoy in-hand power control to choose the exact level of cleaning you need as you work. The Nilfisk Core pressure washer series has been redesigned with users in mind. This Nilfisk pressure washer delivers on quality and extraordinary features. Enjoy more simple cleaning around your house. patio. garage. and garden. This power washer easily removes dirt. grime. algae. mildew. moss. mud. and even loose paint from a variety of surfaces.

  • Rated for 140 bar max pressure and 1800-watt power.
  • Handles household cleaning tasks on surfaces up to 40 m2/ hour.
  • In-hand Power Control: Adjust pressure at the trigger for precise cleaning.
  • All-around use: Handy and powerful cleaning for household tasks. such as the car park. garage floors. decks. patios. masonry. home exteriors (vinyl. tile. brick. etc.). fencing. cars. trucks. autos. outdoor furniture. bins. garden sheds. motorbikes. bicycles. boats. trailers. and more.
  • Long-life metal pump for a powerful. durable core.
  • Ultra-torque engine: Each Nilfisk Core 140 bar High Pressure Washer features an optimised engine to give efficiency and power to any home cleaning task.
  • 8-metre hose: Extra-long. flexible hose eases both handling and storage.
  • Internal reel offers convenient hose storage.
  • Manoeuvre easily: Built-in trolley. extra on-board storage for accessories. and compact design.


This powerful Nilfisk high pressure washer with power control for adjustable water pressure easily handles your cleaning tasks.

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